A FinTech dedicated to Asset Management

About Imperative Wealth

We are a FinTech dedicated to Asset Management. We gather, within an applied research center, on the one hand, specialists in financial analysis and Hedge Fund management, and, on the other hand, IT experts in the fields of distributed architectures, digital applications and Big data.

Ours targets: to design digital solutions for dynamic and automatic management of stock market portfolios, producing regular annual performance and integrating risk control.

Our business model: commercialize a technological offer, B to B, targeting European Private Bankers.

We are based in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Our approach

In a context marked by increased globalization and intense competition, financial market players must be innovative and react quickly. The decision process is now more challenging and financial transactions are riskier.

In industry, advances in profitability and efficiency have always been the result of technological advances. The same rule could apply to finance. Although traditional management methods are still relevant, technology is now sufficiently mature to automate both the investment process and risk management.

Our belief is that systematic management technology is particularly suited to the area of ​​savings management.

This is why we have developed the concept of a "Robo-asset-manager", a tool that mobilizes the resources of technology for the benefit of private savings.


Our design choices


Diversification : we implement a systematic scan of all global financial markets: equities, bonds, commodities, currencies. We seek all investment opportunities to exploit them rationally.

The search for absolute performance : the robot's performance is independent of the bullish or bearish evolution of the financial markets. This is how we ensure capital preservation, liquidity and growth of private financial savings.

Automatic risk management : performance and risk are two inseparable concepts. The robot is designed to limit losses and maximize profits. It automatically manages the positions of client portfolios according to their risk profile.

Digitalization : we are convinced that it is in the interest of our customers to be kept informed, with full transparency and digital access to our risk intelligence. That's why our management process is fully digitized. We offer our customers real-time information multi-support: PC, tablet, smartphone.

Big data and machine learning : the massive collection and analysis of financial data is at the heart of our robot evolution strategy. Our project is to use data science techniques to make the robot self-adaptable to changing market conditions and conditions.

Our priority : technology

We focus our investment strategy on technological excellence. We believe that the Robo-asset-manager will gain and maintain its market share thanks to its ability to adapt to changes in global finance, regulation, the expectations of our customers and the offer of our competitors.

That's why we highlight the development techniques and tools that promote the implementation of an agile solution, simple to maintain, test, deploy. For this, we are determined to complete the recruitment of a high-level IT team, and to support it with continual training so it stays at the state of the art for computer development.

Outils de développement

Our working method : collaborative development

We want to set up a multidisciplinary team where professionals from financial markets, IT teams, data scientists and R&D team are constantly coordinating and actively collaborating to define and achieve the business objectives of the company.

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